Prom Pricing

Additional prom photos can be ordered...just e-mail me your name, phone # and the number of the photo you see on the web at the bottom left , the size and quantity and we'll get it ordered. Mail a check to Nancy Reigelsperger, 2643 Quanz Road, Wayland, NY 14572 .

Prom prices in effect are the same as they were for night of dance.

Package #1 (two 8x10, four 3 l/2x5, eight wallets) $40
Package #2 (two 5x7, four sl/2x5, 8 wallets) - $35

one 8x10 -$12
one 5x7 - $10
one 3 l/2x5 - $3
four wallets - $6

any questions, call 728-2259

Thank you